I am a research associate at the University of Hagen, digital transformation enthusiast and experimental psychologist with interest in programming and data science. My research focuses on how we act together in a digital world: with robots, with AI, with our virtual avatars. As a fortunate (young) father, start-up co-founder and researcher I like optimizing processes in respect to mental well-being and everyday-life-challenges - UX and Human-Centered-Design is a universal approach to every hindrance in life.

My work orientates itself around the intersecting point of psychology and information technology. Understanding Joint Action in a Digital World will be crucial for the upcoming development in e.g. AR and VR. How is interacting with the digital world comparable to interacting in the real world? Has a computer partner the same quality as an human partner. Furthermore, I am focused on using open-source-software-based solutions to tackle common problems of human-machine interactions: Getting data, understanding user behavior, and finding new technology-aided approaches to problems of today’s digital and cognitive challenges emerging from interacting without physical presence or with non-human co-actors.

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  • Interacting in digital contexts
  • Usability and Cognition
  • Software Development / Data Science
  • Product Management with Data-driven User Research
  • PhD student in Psychology, Joint Action in Digital Worlds, since 2021

    University of Hagen

  • MSc in Psychology: Cognitive Neuroscience, 2020

    University of Muenster

  • BSc in Psychology, 2016

    University of Muenster


R Stats & Shiny
Experiment Design & Data Science
Web/(VR)-Software Development
Usability Research & Behavioral Science
Project Management
A brilliant solution to the wrong problem can be worse than no solution at all: solve the correct problem.
— Donald A. Norman, The Design of Everyday Things


Advisorship/Lecturer-Work in Judgment, Action and Decision-Making

Semester Title Level Type Students Status
Summer 2022 Joint Action with intelligent digital assistants in car cockpit BSc 1.Advisor -
Emp. BA-Theses
5 upcoming
Summer 2022 The influence of intentionality on Joint Action with Digital Agents BSc 1.Advisor -
Emp. BA-Theses
5 upcoming
Summer 2022 Programming Online-Experiments with PsychoPy BSc Course/ Workshop 144 in 6 batches upcoming
Summer 2022 Joint Action in Digital Worlds MSc 1.Advisor -
Exp. MA-Theses
Summer 2022 “Digital Distractions": Cognitive effects of digital learning and working environments BSc 1.Advisor -
Lit. BA-Theses
Summer 2022 Cognitive effects of digital avatars in joint action BSc 1.Advisor -
Lit. BA-Theses
Summer 2021 Research Internship BSc Internship Advisor 1 finished
Winter 2021 Human Factors BSc Course/Lecture 48 in 2 batches finished
Winter 2021 Research Internship BSc Internship Advisor 1 finished
Summer 2021 Automatically activated action tendecies by presented and anticipated sensory information in a virtual lane-assisted car driving experiment MSc 1.Advisor -
Exp. BA-Theses
1 finished
Summer 2021 The Social Simon Effect BSc 1.Advisor -
Exp. BA-Theses
10 in 2 Experiments finished
Summer 2021 Human Factors BSc Course/Lecture 72 in 3 batches finished

Recent & Upcoming Talks

UX-Lean-Coffee Open Source and UX
Response-Effect Compatibility Affects Performance in a Web-based Lane-Assisted Driving Task


FernUniversität Hagen
Teacher and PhD Student
Feb 2021 – Present Germany

Responsibilities include:

  • Research Work and Online-Experiment-Advisor (PsychoPy-Pavlovia)
  • Teaching Work in B.Sc. Psychology and M.Sc. Psychology
    • Multiple Thesis-Advisorships per semester
  • Advising Research Interns and Student Helpers
  • Organisation of Digital Tools in the department
Applysia GmbH
Co-Founder and -CEO
Oct 2018 – Jun 2021 Germany

Responsibilities included:

  • UX- and Product-Management
  • Software-Development
  • Administrational Work as Co-Founder
Usability Academy
Mar 2017 – May 2020 Kaiserslautern

Responsibilities included:

  • Courses on various UX-Topics with focus on preparing participants for the “Certfied Professional for User-Experience”
  • Development of internal evaluation software and apps
  • Managing/Administration of tools (e.g. LimeSurvey)
Institute for Simulation and Training SREAL
Visiting Research Scholar (M.Sc. cand.)
Jan 2018 – Apr 2018 Orlando, Florida, USA

Responsibilities included:

  • VR and AR Research Visit with several publications
  • Working with newest technological equipment
  • Giving Methodological expertise for computer science experiments
German Aerospace Center - Aviation and Space Psychology (DLR)
Intern (BSc.)
Jun 2016 – Aug 2016 Hamburg
Westfälische Nachrichten - Newspaper
Jul 2011 – Sep 2015 Münster

Other Activities


Admin for Online-Experiments-Slack DGPS-FG-AP (External Link)

Community-Management for German Psychologist working with Online-Experiments.

Publications & Citeables

(2019). Augmented rotations in virtual reality for users with a reduced range of head movement. Journal of Rehabilitation and Assistive Technologies Engineering.

Cite DOI

(2019). Shrinking Circles Adaptation to Increased Curvature Gain in Redirected Walking. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics.

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(2018). Does a Digital Assistant Need a Body? The Influence of Visual Embodiment and Social Behavior on the Perception of Intelligent Virtual Agents in AR. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics.

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(2016). Pointing out mechanisms underlying joint action. Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics.

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I am open to work as a freelancer or speaker. Please feel free to contact me.

UX / Data Science (Training)

I can offer workshops and talks on User-Experience and Human-Centered-Design for software development departments or research faculties

Freelance Development

I am open for data-science-related freelance-projects with focus on Data-Dashboard-Development or UX-Tooling

Project Manager / Digital Transformation

If you need help to digitalize processes or structuring an agile infrastructure for your business, contact me.